Defrost freezers 

Packing tips for appliances include: Always defrosting your fridge/freezer and wipe it dry before moving it into self-storageLeave the fridge door ajar to prevent mold growing inside while in storage.

Don’t forget to use your fridge as shelving while it’s in storage. Buy fridge containers as boxes. That way you can use them to store food once the fridge running again.


Clean before storing

Furniture packing tips include cleaning or vacuuming upholstery before storing. Cover furniture and mattresses in plastic during transport, but remove once in self-storage. Mattresses and fabric upholstery left in plastic may sweat over time.  Visit Amazon for a huge range of moving house boxes and wrapping supplies.


Remove batteries

These packing tips save money. Remove the batteries from toys, remotes and other electronic devices when in self-storage. This prevents damage due to acid leaking from the batteries. Consider using affordable locking storage containers for your tech gear.


Invest in good boxes

Noone keeps the boxes for their electronics, right? Buy TV packing boxes or wrap electronics in bubble wrap and pack into a good quality carton. Fill gaps with additional packing. Seal boxes with packing tape. Sealing boxes ensures the contents stay dust-free while in self-storage. Always store TV screens upright.

Mirrors, Glass, Paintings

Mirrors, Glass, Paintings

Cover mirrors, glasses and painting in layers of bubble wrap and secure firmly with packing tape. Transport and store mirrors and paintings on their edges. Never lay them flat. Alternatively, buy a mirror or a painting packing box.  

Small Engine Machinery

Small Engine Machinery

Drain all fuel from tanks before putting small engine machinery into self-storage. This will reduce potential fire risks and protect the engines.

Place oil spill mats under small machinery to catch any residual drips. Doing so will save a cleaning fee when you vacate your storage unit. For mowers ensure the grass catcher, wheels and blades are clean before storing.

Consider adding shelving solutions to keep your work gear organised while in storage.


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